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MuscleSport Releases Lean Whey Banana Foster Waffle Sundae

March 03, 2024 1 min read



When dessert meets breakfast, this is what MuscleSport has released in their most recent Lean Whey flavor of Banana Foster Waffle Sundae. Everyone's favorite Jason "Supp Chef" Mancuso has been perfecting this flavor for the past couple years, as he's once again brought the sweet tooth experience from the kitchen into a great tasting protein powder without the guilt. Lean Whey being known for their lean protein blend of Hydrolysate and Isolate protein will only contain 130 calories and 25g of protein per scoop.

Banana Foster Waffle Sundae is the second newest Lean Whey flavor release for MuscleSport as they have recently released their Salted Caramel Lean Whey in January. This flavor is going to be a must have in your protein cabinet, get it while you can!