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The Pre-Workout for Everyone:

PreCISION was designed for all levels of training- from complete beginner to advanced competitive bodybuilders. Created to help you get the most out of every workout, PreCISION contains a full 30 servings, with each scoop giving you the edge you need to push to the next level. 

We start with our nootropic-based energy matrix, which provides natural stimulants to mentally prepare you for the ultimate training experience. Bloodflow and pumps are maximized with a standard full dose of Citrulline and clinically effective dose of Glycerol. Our premium electrolyte blend helps muscle cells stay full and hydrated even through long, grueling training sessions. Beta alanine provides endurance support so you can push past your limits.


Key Factors:

  • NO Dairy
  • NO Soy
  • NO Artificial Colors
  • NO Artificial Flavors
  • NO Artificial Sweeteners
  • NO Artificial Preservatives
  • Vegan
  • Clinically Dosed Ingredients...... and 30 SERVIINGS!



    • Calcium: helping with muscle contractions, nerve signaling, blood clotting, cell division, and forming/maintaining bones and teeth
    • Potassium: helping keep blood pressure stable, regulating heart contractions, helping with muscle functions
    • Magnesium: needed for muscle contractions, proper heart rhythms, nerve functioning, bone-building and strength, reducing anxiety, digestion, and keeping a stable protein-fluid balance
    • Sodium: helps maintain fluid balance, needed for muscle contractions, and helps with nerve signaling

    L- Citruline: Thanks to its ability to help the body fight fatigue through the widening of blood vessels, L-citrulline provides enhanced recovery, fewer days where you feel sore after working out, and even longer, more intense workout sessions. You may find yourself having more energy on the whole as a result of using L-citrulline. In addition, your levels of oxygen will go up, making it easier to breath and complete intense workouts and training sessions in the gym and your levels of ammonia will decrease making easier to recover .

    Glycerol: naturally has potent osmotic properties and thus may be useful in binding large amounts of fluids to blood vessels, which in turn, could potentially boost muscle pumping power and enlarge muscle size. Effective fluid transfer may also facilitate timely arrival of appropriate nutrients and supplements to muscles.

      • Amplifying vascular fluid transport
      • Sustaining prolonged activity
      • Minimizing risk of dehydration
      • Enhancing Metablosim
      • Abating workout stress


    BETA-ALANINE: is a beta amino acid and is a precursor of carnosine. Carnosineis a peptide (small protein) concentrated in muscle and brain tissue which regulates key aspects of cell metabolism and may offer exciting anti-aging and energy-enhancement benefits. But because it is a protein, carnosine supplements would be broken down in the stomach. As the the rate-limiting precursor of carnosine (production is limited by the amount of available beta-alanine), people use beta-alanine supplements to support optimal carnosine production. The health benefits of beta-alanine pertain to carnosine. Carnosine has antioxidant activity and inhibits a process called glycation, which is implicated in many of the degenerative processes of aging. But the most exciting thing about carnosine for athletes is the role it plays as an acid buffer within muscle cells. That can translate into major boosts in stamina and energy.


    PeakO2: is like beta-alanine and creatine combined, just faster-acting and without the tingles.

    The attached clinical study is the second published study supporting PeakO2’s efficacy in improving power and endurance. It is important to note that an organic-certified, evidence-based performance adaptogen is extremely rare in the world. Mushrooms are really popular right now, as well. In the attached, 1 to 2g of PeakO2 per day showed:

    • Improved time to fatigue
    • Improved oxygen utilization (better endurance)
    • Lower heart beats per minute (heart doing more work with less effort… increase in “work capacity”)
    • Decrease in lactate
    • Increase in peak power

    For the past decade, beta-alanine has dominated in the preworkout category for “endurance.” So, when we say “PeakO₂™ also improves endurance, how does it do so? What’s the difference between beta-alanine and PeakO₂™? Please see the chart below, and call/email us for other formulation ideas beyond the citrulline malate/beta-alanine combination.


    PeakO₂™ vs Beta-Alanine



    Dose is 2.4g to 6.4g per day*

    Dose is 1g to 4g per day

    Loading phase is 179 grams

    Loading phase is 28-56 grams

    Mechanism is buffering hydrogen ions

    Mechanism is increasing oxygen uptake & efficiency, decreasing lactate, as well as boosting antioxidant capacity

    Delays muscle fatigue

    Improves peak power, VO₂ max, time to exhaustion, and decreases lactate

    Benefits take 4-8 weeks

    Benefits take 1-3 weeks

    Beta-Alanine is an amino acid

    PeakO₂ is an adaptogen; a whole food and organic-certified

    Elicits a tingling/itchy sensation in doses above ~1g

    Elicits no tingling or itchy sensation

    Can take any time; however, it’s most commonly taken in preworkouts

    Can take any time, but commonly used pre and intraworkout

    Soluble in water

    Dispersible in water


    The Nootropic Complex:

     Is a blend of N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Choline Bitartrate, caffeine, higenamine, and theobromine. This Non-proprietary blend gives a long clean sustained energy with extreme mental focus and no crash or jitters.


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