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Cannibal Permaswole Stim-Free PUMP

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Cannibal Permaswole Stim-Free PUMP by Chaos and Pain has been reformulated to affirm its position as a top-tier stimulant-free pump supplement. The new blend features potent ingredients like L-Citrulline 1:1 and Nitrosigine®, designed to enhance blood flow and muscular pumps. Agmatine Sulfate further boosts endurance, ensuring maximum performance during workouts and rapid recovery afterward. This powerful combination ensures an unmatched level of physical prowess.

Attention to hydration and electrolyte balance is crucial in the new Cannibal Permaswole formula. Ingredients such as Pink Himalayan Salt, Coconut Water Powder, and Potassium Chloride are included to maintain optimal hydration, crucial for sustained high-intensity training. This not only supports endurance but also aids in quicker recovery, enhancing overall training effectiveness.

The reformulated Cannibal Permaswole also focuses on the mental aspect of training, integrating cognitive enhancers like Kanna Extract 10:1 and AstraGin®. These ingredients enhance focus and reduce stress, contributing to a more effective workout. This holistic approach to both physical and mental performance solidifies Cannibal Permaswole's status as a leading choice in stimulant-free pump supplements.

For over 7 year Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole Stim-Free PUMP has been setting and resetting the bar. Check out the original Stack3d article on Permaswole.

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