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Test | Testosterone Booster

DESCRIPTION: ADAPTA TEST was formulated to Greatly Increases your Natural Testosterone levels while aiding in fat-loss, strength, endurance, libido, stamina, cortisol levels and over all well being. 




50 MG DHEA- Is a adrenal steroid hormone that circulates in the blood in higher concentrations than any other steroid hormone. Studies have show DHEA to exhibit numerous health benefits, including better immune response and the ability to fight excess cortisol.People with higher levels of DHEA are known to be vigorous and youthful. For a bodybuilding perspective DHEA converts into TESTOSTERONE, making it a sought out compound. 

250 MG ASHWAGANDHA-Is valued for its thyroid modulating, neuroprotective, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are just some of the many ashwagandha benefits. This amazing herb has shown its ability to lower cortisol levels and balancing thyroid hormones. 

800 MG HORNY GOAT WEED- This herb has been known to be used to enhance sexual health and treat various problems such as kidney and bone disease. HORNY GOAT WEED is known as a "natural aphrodisiac". This Herb has been known to: Increase Testosterone Production, Boost Libido, Improve Circulation, Normalize cortisol levels, Increases in Lean Muscle Mass.

450 MG TRIBULUS- Increases Natural Testosterone Levels, which contributes to a healthier libido, prostate health, fertility and better sexual function and satisfaction. Normal Testosterone Levels will contribute to healthier weight loss. Tribulus, is known as a "natural aphrodisiac" and will help you stay fit and feel energized. 

450 MG INDOLE 3 CARBINOL-Is a natural component found in broccoli and brussels sprouts and kale. It provides a healthy metabolism of estrogen.Design to assist in the regulation of hormone balance.

200 MG TONGKAT ALI- Used to increase Testosterone Levels, improve energy and aid in weight loss. Tongkat Ali has a great ability to improve sexual dysfunction. The effects of this herb has been shown to help with sexual performance, muscle growth and semen production.


10MG BORON - Increase free testosterone levels by nearly 25 percent. Reduces the amount of estradiol by nearly half and allows more free testosterone to bond with proteins in your blood which can have even a better effect as you age.




DIRECTIONS: Take 2 capsules twice per day for 30 consecutive days. * 8 week cycles are recommended.


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