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• Hyper-Hydration*
• Intense Pumps*
• Enhanced Power & Endurance*
• Increased Plasma Volume*
• Improved Thermoregulation*

Why Liquid Glycerol?

Glycerol is a staple ingredient in pre-workouts for enhanced pumps and performance.

Creating a stable Glycerol powder is challenging and, at high dosages, can cause a gritty consistency.

This often prevents people from using a high dosage, as you can only mix so much Glycerol powder in a shaker cup, and an absurd amount of powder simply won’t sit well in the stomach.

This process has prevented us from adding the dosages we’d like in a pre-workout, so we doubled down and created a standalone Glycerol product for those of you who want an even bigger pump than what is already provided in our pre-workouts, or for those that can benefit from hyper-hydration in an endurance context (its primary use case). 

We appreciate that you value performance over taste and consistency, but we want you to have both. 

That’s why we’re introducing Liquid Glycerol to the KILO LABZ lineup. 

Liquid Glycerol mixes perfectly in your water or pre-workout, making for a smooth sip. 

Our liquid version of Glycerol contains 25 grams of 100% active Glycerol and a small amount of sea salt.

It is the perfect adjunct to your already stacked pre-workout to maximize intracellular hydration and deliver a nasty pump you can see and feel. 


The benefits of Glycerol are most apparent in sports performance, not just in the gym.

For example, the hyper-hydrating effects of Glycerol may be ergogenic in various endurance activities.

Hydration plays a critical role in performance, whether it be running, biking, swimming, hiking, backpacking, playing soccer, football, hockey, basketball, or any other sport that requires endurance.

These activities cause significant water loss, and when performed in higher temperatures, further increase the risk of dehydration, leading to a decrease in performance.

The answer should simply be drinking more water (with adequate electrolytes).

However, if the rate at which you sweat is higher than your fluid intake, your performance may significantly decline.

Only a 2% loss in fluids can result in as much as a 20% decrease in performance. 

By supplementing with Glycerol, you can partially stave off water loss and hyper-hydrate your body to hold upwards of an extra liter of water for up to 4 hours. 

By attenuating dehydration, you can support enhanced endurance times and exercise performance.

You can utilize this hyper-hydrating effect in other ways too. 

For example, many of us wake up and use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

This can harm our sleep duration and quality.

Supplementing our new Liquid Glycerol may help counteract this and support a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

Effects On Plasma Volume And Thermoregulation

Glycerol supplementation can lead to an increase in plasma volume, supporting enhanced oxygen and nutrient delivery to working muscles during exercise.

An increase in plasma volume can also help regulate body temperature during exercise, as the greater volume of blood can dissipate heat more effectively.

Downstream, this can delay the onset of fatigue during prolonged exercise and significantly increase exercise capacity.


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