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Premium Whey Protein plus Digestive Enzymes.

Everyone understands the importance of protein when it comes to supporting performance and physique related goals. What many people don't know, is that whey protein is the king of protein for these purposes. 


This is because whey protein has the highest biological value of any protein, meaning that more of the precious amino acids from whey protein are going to make it to hard working muscles than any other source of protein. In addition, whey protein contains the highest leucine content of any protein. This is key because leucine is the amino acid responsible for stimulation protein synthesis within muscle tissue. 


That is incredibly important because consuming protein that is low in leucine will do nothing for building and maintaining muscle mass. Literally. 


A recent study looked at supplementing with 25g of wheat protein and the results found it to be identical to doing nothing. Now, whey certainly is not the only high leucine protein powder, but it is the highest, and therefor, along with its leading biological value, whey is the best protein for growth and repair of muscle tissue. 


And BTN's Protein is 100% whey. No cheap proteins to act as fillers. Just the highest BCAA and Leucine content possible thanks to 100% pure whey protein. 


The addition of digestive enzymes helps the protein break down and assimilate quickly and efficiently for a zero bloating whey protein to help support your athletic goals!