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Chemix Protein is 100% Whey Protein Isolate(WPI), the gold standard of protein powders. WPI is an extremely high quality protein due to its excellent source of EAA/BCAA and how quickly it breaks down in the body and starts building muscle.

WPI has been shown to massively increase muscle protein synthesis more than any other protein source!

But, that's not all. Each scoop of Chemix Protein Isolate contains 2g of the patented ingredient Velositol. Velositol is a complex of chromium picolinate, chromium histidinate and amylopectin. When combined with protein, it accelerates and boosts muscle protein synthesis (MPS) even further, which facilitates enhanced muscle growth, lean body mass, and quicker muscle recovery! Velositol is literally like doubling your protein dose due to its ability to increase absorption of protein and amino acids. The combination of chromium and amylopectin activates the insulin pathway to increase the uptake of amino acids into your muscle cells, one of the most effective pathways to building tons of muscle.

In a recent study, 15g of whey protein with 2g of Velositol outperformed the group taking either 15g of whey protein or taking 30g of whey protein! Velositol is literally like doubling your protein dose due to its ability to increase absorption of protein and amino acids. The subjects consumed the supplement immediately following exercise on training days and at the same time of day on non-training days. At 0, 4, and 8 weeks, the study researchers assessed body composition (4C via DEXA, Bod Pod, Bioimpedance), whole-body protein balance (15N-alanine), and upper/lower body performance [one rep max (1RM) and repetitions to failure (RTF) on bench press and squat, vertical jump power]. The group that had the added Velositol outperformed each of the other groups in all the categories.

In summary, taking 2g of Velositol works even better than the group taking DOUBLE the amount of protein, increased lean mass, improved strength, and endurance.

  • 15g of WPI plus 2g of Velositol = 30g of WPI, less protein, more gains!
  • Increases MPS(doubles!) both from BCAA and insulin pathways
  • increases lean body mass gains
  • increases recovery
  • Doubles squat reps to failure (25 reps vs 14 reps with just protein)
  • Increases overall strength(43%) and power in all lifters
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