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PR-XT, our brand new recomposition & ergogenic aid sits atop a category of products that for years have over-promised and under-delivered. They’ve been touted as the often overused cliché “Game Changer,” with said game remaining at the same level.

That’s why PR-XT has been coined “The Holy Grail” …. The ever elusive item that was thought to be more myth than a reality. Now, let’s approach this from a realistic, scientific standpoint, remove the hype and the dream of “The Magic Pill,” “Exercise in a Bottle,” etc. Without exercise, proper diet, etc, you won’t get results, period. But what if there was a product that didn’t replace exercise, but magnified the benefits of exercise, no matter what your goals are?*

Quote from Shawn Wellsl

Through science we’ve unlocked that potential. PR-XT is a combination of 3 key fully-dosed ingredients; Anacyclus Pyrethrum, S7™ (a plant based nitric oxide booster) and the novel ingredient MitoBurn™. In combination these ingredients amplify the effects of exercise, all of the effects & benefits of exercise. *

So no matter your goals, type of training or experience level, PR-XT can give you the edge to attain those much more efficiently.*