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Maintaining a proper hydration layer is one of the most important aspects when trying to achieve maximum performance, but one that is often underestimated.

When we exercise, more or less intensively, our body activates thermoregulation mechanisms that result in sweating. This means that indirectly large quantities of water and mineral salts are lost, causing a state of dehydration. In numerical terms, losing as little as 20 per cent of our water reserves can reduce athletic performance by up to 50 per cent: too great a compromise, which all sportsmen and women prefer to avoid.

It is well known that in order to stay hydrated, it is necessary to drink water; less well known, however, is the role of minerals, electrolytes and phosphates in maintaining an optimal level of hydration. These trace elements are indispensable for sustained hydration and, consequently, high-level athletic performance.
Through supplementation, you can ensure the replenishment of all these indispensable substances, and provide them before, during and after sporting activity.

What is HydraTECH

HydraTECH is our dietary supplement of potassium and magnesium, providing L-alanyl L-Glutamine, developed to meet the needs of athletes who require support for their hydration status. HydraTECH® contains the perfect amounts of electrolytes to help the body stay hydrated and also reduces the risk of muscle cramps.

Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, electrolyte balance, regular energy metabolism and normal protein synthesis. The citrated form is among the most assimilable, ensuring higher absorption of the mineral.
Potassium, also chosen in citrate form to ensure better absorption, contributes to normal muscle function and maintenance of normal blood pressure.
The formula is supplemented with Sustamine®-certified L-alanyl L-glutamine: the addition of this amino acid to the solution significantly increases the absorption of water and electrolytes at cellular level, as well as reducing fatigue and tiredness and counteracting muscle catabolism.
Our product also boasts the total absence of carbohydrates and sugars (only sweeteners are present).

Benefits of our supplement

Why take HydraTECH:
- Maximum support for electrolyte balance;
- Improved absorption thanks to the combination of L-alanine L-glutamine;
- Restores physiological conditions after excessive sweating;
- Contributes to normal energy metabolism;
- Reduces tiredness and fatigue.
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