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FLEXOTOR is a food supplement indicated for adult sportsmen with arginine (Kyowa Quality®), citrulline (Kyowa Quality®), taurine, citicoline (Cognizin®), caffeine.


From the constant scientific research of Yamamoto® Nutrition comes Flexotor®, a supplement specifically designed to make every training session centred on muscular stimulation, and acting in particular on several fronts: the energetic-cognitive one and a powerful and prolonged stimulation of nitric oxide, allowing the muscle cell to remain hydrated during and after training.


More focus, more concentration in every single repetition. The nootropic portion of Flexotor® allows us to better focus our effort while trying to recruit as many muscle fibres as possible, with greater concentration and psychophysical energy. In fact, Flexotor® makes use of a truly effective "nootropic" component: the presence of Cognizin® (KyowaQuality patented clinically tested Citicoline) the power provided by the medicinal mushroom Hericium Erinaceus or "Lion's mane", and the support of a special version of caffeine, PurCaf®, which is much more powerful and free of the side effects typical of other forms of caffeine (such as the so-called energy "crashes").


Supporting brain function is a new concept, which is also recognised in promoting maximum performance in training, thanks to the advent of nootropic substances which guarantee: greater focus, raising the attention threshold in favour of greater force generation and allowing better involvement of muscle fibres. Cognizin® Citicoline, in fact, "engages" and promotes the connection of neuromuscular pathways, thus improving communication between neurons, maintaining physiological levels of acetylcholine, protecting neural structures and promoting more "vigour" and energy in the brain.

Hericium Erinaceus, the psychoactive medicinal mushroom with a potent nootropic and neutrophic effect, has been included to promote greater 'laser-focus', and can also bring additional benefits to the body.


Caffeine is a common presence in many pre-workout supplements. Given the technology and quality of the elements contained in Flexotor®, its role as a brilliant stimulant on the central nervous system at an energetic level, on the threshold of attention and as an ally of the athlete, who gains an optimal "extra gear" on performance over time, given the caffeine, we could not fail to add another element of primary excellence: PurCaf®. PurCaf® is 100% organic caffeine, extracted from unrefined green coffee beans, 95% pure, characterised by a very high degree of water solubility, and which also boasts a large number of quality certifications.