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Fitoderm® is a food supplement with vitamins and minerals selected for skin health, with lycopene, borage oil and the amino acids cysteine and tyrosine, indicated for adults. In particular, copper contributes to the regular skin pigmentation*, while vitamin A and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal skin. Zinc supports also the physiological vitamin A metabolism and, together with vitamin E and copper and selenium, contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress**. The product also contains lycopene from tomato extract and borago oil.

The world of nutraceuticals is undergoing massive expansion and is increasingly being introduced into the field of dermatology and aesthetic medicine, offering a multitude of elements that can help us to care and protect our skin "from the inside".

During the summer, as well as in winter for those who frequent the ski slopes or go on holiday in exotic sunny places, we always enjoy enhancing the colour of our skin and appearing with a beautiful tan when we return. This is great if we are able to encourage a tan while keeping in mind that the skin should still be prepared and protected. Many nutritional supplements are created to encourage tanning and a lot of these have real and visible efficacy, helping to create a more beautiful, intense and even tan. Moreover, even after sun exposure, our skin will not be particularly dry or streaky, but rather it will be more treated and hydrated, ensuring long-lasting colour, which will gradually and evenly fade. Without forgetting that the risk of sunburn at the start of a holiday is definitely reduced.
Like all "solar" nutritional supplements or pigmentation enhancers, they do not make us "tan more", but allow us to do it in a better and healthier way for our skin.

These nutritional supplements protect cells from sun damage and impede any initial sunburn and erythema, namely the initial phase of the tanning process which even darker complexions encounter. Like the best solar nutritional supplements, Fitoderm® facilitates the formation of protective skin pigment: in fact, melanin has the purpose of protecting the epidermis and dermis cells from damage caused by UV rays. It is common knowledge by now that the sun's rays accelerate the ageing of the skin. However, this doesn't mean that we should completely deprive ourselves of sun exposure and all its positives effects. Let's not forget that sunlight allows the body to produce Vitamin D, which is essential for bone strength, giving us vigour and positive energy, making us feel "more attractive". It is important to follow the precautions and enhance the skin's defences with optimum supplementation to be able to boast a healthy tan. As with all supplements of this type, the intake of Fitoderm® follows the related recommended guidelines.

Namely, it should be taken at least a month before sun exposure, so that the antioxidants, which will counteract the free radicals generated by the sun, will carry out their activities at full capacity. Fitoderm® contains beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, lycopene derived from tomato, selenium and the polyunsaturated fatty acids found in borage oil. Like all the most effective specific solar supplements, Fitoderm® contains beta-carotene, a powerful ally for a suntan. Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A by our bodies which is able to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and melanin. Fitoderm® is enriched with copper, a mineral that intervenes in the melanin synthesis process to ensure normal skin pigmentation. The presence of borage oil makes it possible to maintain perfect skin hydration and creates a hydro-lipid film that protects and hydrates the skin. Together with selenium, these polyunsaturated fatty acids counteract degenerative changes in cells and tissues due to free radicals, which are produced, in particular, by sun exposure.

Fitoderm® encourages a more even tan, with beautiful, luminous and streak-free colour thanks to its tyrosine content, an amino acid that helps to create melanin.

Fitoderm® is a nutritional supplement for those who want to encourage tanning in a healthier way, for those who want to prevent so-called "photoaging", thus keeping the skin younger and more supple, and enjoy the benefits of the sun even more, whether they have light or darker complexions.

* All sun lovers please note: nutritional supplements are not a substitute for protective suncream with an adequate SPF.

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